Talking is therapeutic

Talking is therapeutic

Talking is therapeutic

Talking is a therapy. People have a desire to be understood, and talking can help them in many situations. It helps not only those who are elated and want to share their good tidings, but also those that are going through a bad time or who have emotional problems they cannot deal with on their own. It helps people of any gender, age, ethnicity, educational level, or wealth standing.

Specifically, talking has been found to be helpful in situations involving mental health such as depression and stress, anxiety, abuse, discrimination, and eating disorder. As well as in medical conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease, addiction, or a personal loss of some type. 

Talking to someone about what is troubling you can make a big difference in how you feel. 

But first, you have to start the conversation as people generally do not want to interfere.

If you make the first move, you will get a response as those responding may feel privileged that you sought them out. If you are talking with someone who has or is experiencing the same problem, you will not only get good support, but also obtain a different, yet welcome, perspective. This may lead to possible solutions, which in turn can lessen your worry. 

It is normal to be apprehensive in making the first contact or communication and opening up about your feelings.

Therefore, it will take some strength to make take this step.  The sense of perceived stigma most often gets in the way.

Therefore, speaking with those in the same boat is, perhaps, the easiest way to get started.  You may find it easier speaking with such people outside your normal social circle rather than a loved one.  Of course, you can always speak with a trained mental health professional such as a therapist, psychologist, counselor, or psychiatrist

The important thing is not to give up and make every attempt to talk about your feelings and experience.  

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